Inland Empires Premier Indoor shooting and Archery Range


The demand for firearms and gun training has skyrocketed in recent years.  Consumers increasingly are choosing to purchase firearms for personal protection, hunting, and sport shooting, resulting in all-time-high sales levels.  The Ballistic Theater, Inc. (“the Company”) is being founded to meet this demand in the Inland Empire area and take advantage of its founder’s extensive experience in military, range design, training and instruction by providing a comprehensive retail store, state-of-the-art shooting range, and training center unlike anything in the region. 

The Murrieta-based shop will have a large retail store, a 33-lane shooting range with the latest technological and safety features, 12 Archery lanes, classrooms for instruction, and space for law enforcement and military tactical training.  These features will be developed in phases and targeted at the thousands of men, women, and families locally who otherwise could not find these amenities within at least 50 miles of Murrieta.  The Ballistic Theater will also be unique in that it will feature around 60,000 square feet of space and a lodge-style lounge, with a eating area, a recreation area, Gunsmith, firearms cleaning area, and a storage vault.
In the Inland Empire area (and SoCal), there are no similar establishments that will have the amenities of The Ballistic Theater, the range of facilities and weapons training, simulated firearm tactical training – yet this area has the highest concentration of gun owners and military and law enforcement residents in the state. In just Murrieta, there is as population of around 115,000, and 4 million people in the Inland Empire, of whom an estimated 304,000+ are gun owners. 

The Ballistic Theater expects to begin construction in 2018 and open in 2019-2020. During this period, the Company will also work aggressively to establish the brand and a membership base.  This will include public relations, paid advertising, a search-optimized website, and press in radio and print, leading to a grand opening, and several promotions after opening.  The Company will also market directly to government agencies, the military, private security firms, gun clubs, competitive shooting associations, and the general public.  The Ballistic Theater intends to build a reputation for impeccable, responsive, and adaptive service for a wide range of client needs, becoming a well-known entity regionally, as well as hosting events that draw nationally. 

Founders Eric Berg and Jessica Silan-Berg along with others involved are knowledgeable in all aspects of firearms, training, management and operations, along with safety.  Eric is a military veteran and is a seasoned business owner in electronics design and communications engineering.  Jessica is an office management, billing, and operations specialist with extensive experience in high-volume business environments.   Aided by a team of experienced instructors and range professionals, they are dedicated to making The Ballistic Theater into the premier regional recreational and tactical training facility.  To establish the Company and commence the building purchase/lease and construction, and start-up funding, and many other licences must still be completed.